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Oops, I Forgot the Moral of the Story

After reading my last post, my wife reminded me of a letter that was circulating around about five years ago. We had just moved to the UK on a job assignment, and were in the midst of struggling to get basic services like a phone number and a bank account. The letter is to NTL, […]

Unhappy Customer: Judge, Jury and Executioner?

Customer reviews are fast becoming the primary currency of business information on the web. Google Maps is putting increased emphasis on reviews, and has been aggregating business reviews from all over. And AT&T just announced the impending launch of a new consumer-review-focused site, Presumably some of the motivation behind the new site came from the […]

Driving Cabs, Telling Stories

I am working on gathering sources to do a weekly round-up of local social and viral campaigns. In so doing, I came across this video promoting Metro Taxi in Denver: Believe it or not, this is the most-watched recently-uploaded video on YouTube that promotes a local Denver business. (Ok, it’s the most-watched excluding those that […]

A Little More on Business Twittering

Yesterday I posted about the Twitter list I created for local businesses: Denver-Boulder-Local-Biz I reviewed over a thousand Twitter feeds to come up with the list, but I didn’t provide much explanation for why I think the businesses I selected are worth following. I’ll start with a quote from Aliza Sherman: Twitter is about listening […]

Denver + Boulder Local Businesses on Twitter

I’ve been looking around for a list of local businesses that are making good use of social media. So far I haven’t found any, so I decided to create my own Twitter list as a starting point: If you are a local business, I recommend that you follow this list as a source of […]

Holographic Sales Assistants?

Motorola just released their annual holiday shopping survey, and it is a gold mine of local shopping data. I won’t summarize the whole report, but here are a few tidbits: The #1 cause of customer dissatisfaction was a lack of available coupons. More than half of consumers used mobile devices for shopping-related activities while shopping. […]