Google Analytics Account Permissions – What Does Each One Mean?

We’ve talked before about how we use Google Analytics to take SEM management to the next level and the importance of using Google Analytics goals to track conversions, but today we’re going to take a more tactical approach and discuss what the different account permission levels in Google Analytics (GA) actually mean and where you […]

Four User Engagement Metrics to Get Comfortable With

Four User Engagement Metrics to Get Comfortable With

Paid Search is qualified by a few metrics. CTR is a good indicator on the surface, while Bounce Rate, Pages Per Session and Average Session Duration are good post-click engagement metrics. All of these metrics help you hit your KPIs. With that, let’s review what these metrics mean for your or your client’s account. Click […]

Google Analytics, Taking SEM Management To The Next Level

At Two Octobers, our goal is to deliver more than just clicks to a web site.  We want to provide quality traffic that is relevant to each client’s business goals. While there are a variety of reports in AdWords & Bing that help with this they don’t tell us what happens after someone clicks on […]

Internal Site Search: Hiding in Plain Sight

Businesses pay a lot of money to figure out what people want from them and/or their industry. Even with that research, businesses can still miss the mark on what they deliver and how they deliver it. What a lot of these businesses don’t realize is that gaining insight into the true intentions of many users […]

Where Do Conversions Come From?

Goals are one of the most under-utilized features in Google Analytics.  And if you’re not using them, you’re missing out on some great insights about how people use your site and how they convert. Because there are some really interesting reports that are only available if you have goals set up in GA. A goal […]

Engagement as a Proxy for Conversion Rate

Can engagement metrics be used as a proxy for conversion rate when optimizing advertising campaigns? When we manage advertising campaigns, whether they be in Google AdWords, Facebook or elsewhere, we strive to drive a many leads or sales as possible. Doing this usually includes setting bids or budgets based on an expected conversion rate. For […]