Does the Readability Score of Your Content Affect Bounce Rates?

No. Not at all. You just saved yourself 10 minutes of reading. That’s 10 minutes you could use to jog a mile, or whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies (and eat the dough). Or you could keep reading. I actually think the lack of a correlation provides some useful insight into writing for […]

Internal Site Search: Hiding in Plain Sight

Businesses pay a lot of money to figure out what people want from them and/or their industry. Even with that research, businesses can still miss the mark on what they deliver and how they deliver it. What a lot of these businesses don’t realize is that gaining insight into the true intentions of many users […]

Thoughts On Google’s Recent Algorithm Change for Local Business

Google released an algorithm change early this month that has been dubbed “Mayday”. The name references the timing of the release, but it also describes the panic expressed by many SEO consultants who have invested much time and effort into optimizing sites according to their theories of how Google’s crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms work. […]

A Small Business SEO Analogy

Building a Restaurant as an Analogy for Constructing a Search-Engine-Friendly Web Site The topic of how to plan for search engine optimization (SEO) often comes up when I am talking to small businesses and has been the topic of several discussions in just this last week. SEO is a very complex subject, but I like […]