Problems with Location Data

Local SEO: Visible. Accurate. Complete. Two Octobers’ Local SEO program manages business listings and develops citations for hundreds of brick and mortar store locations nationwide. We use Moz Local to monitor the quality of our clients’ business listings on 15 sites. We have developed our own business listing management score based on Moz numbers that […]

Traffic-to-Hype Ratio

With Internet trends, it can be hard to tell when hype is merited and when it isn’t. Below is my attempt to answer this question for some sites of interest to local businesses. The metric traffic-to-hype ratio measures the proportion of actual traffic to how often a site gets talked about. A high ratio means […]

To-Do List: Creating a Fabulous Google Place Page

Here is a paraphrase of conversations I’ve had with several local businesses recently: Them: “How do I get on the first page of Google?” Me: “Show up in the local business results.” In each case, these businesses have no real hope of cracking the first page of Google’s web results. They are relatively small, local businesses […]

Thoughts On Google’s Recent Algorithm Change for Local Business

Google released an algorithm change early this month that has been dubbed “Mayday”. The name references the timing of the release, but it also describes the panic expressed by many SEO consultants who have invested much time and effort into optimizing sites according to their theories of how Google’s crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms work. […]