Three Lessons in Google Shopping: Advanced Optimizations That Don’t Require a Developer

By Maggie Castle Marketers trained in the practice of traditional paid search know the large universe of SEM optimizations well. We have lists, or in my case, a tortured novel, full of changes to implement and tests to conduct. But these lists of vetted paid search tactics don’t always translate when it comes to Google […]

Why We Love AdWords Experiments in Drafts (And You Should, Too!)

By: Rachel Zinanti & Maggie Castle To make the change, or not make the change? You think it will be great for the account, but what if it’s not?  What if it tanks and your SEM performance takes a nosedive? If you manage paid search accounts, you know what we’re talking about. You’ve had this […]

Bidding Down Is Hard to Do: Accepting the 1-3 Position Might Not Be the Best Fit

In our recent post, Six Ways to Identify Poor PPC Campaign Management, the number one item to monitor was a daily budget that exhausted itself early. Budgets that run out of money too early exist in campaigns that have limited their click potential. Since you’re reading Two Octobers’ blog and you have an interest in […]

Six Ways to Identify Poor PPC Campaign Management

There’s no doubt that managing a PPC campaign, whether Adwords or Bing, is challenging. There are a lot of moving parts: keywords, ads, bids, budgets, ROI, account structure, and on and on. When you have a third-party or employee manage your campaign, how can you know if it’s being managed effectively? While results—purchases, leads, and […]

Engagement as a Proxy for Conversion Rate

Can engagement metrics be used as a proxy for conversion rate when optimizing advertising campaigns? When we manage advertising campaigns, whether they be in Google AdWords, Facebook or elsewhere, we strive to drive a many leads or sales as possible. Doing this usually includes setting bids or budgets based on an expected conversion rate. For […]

The Mind of the Searcher

I was recently working with a client and struggling with a profoundly low conversion rate coming from search ads. The keywords we were buying were on target, the ads were performing well, and the landing pages appeared well designed. Then I tried to put myself inside the mind of the searcher. When I did that, […]