Four User Engagement Metrics to Get Comfortable With

Four User Engagement Metrics to Get Comfortable With

Paid Search is qualified by a few metrics. CTR is a good indicator on the surface, while Bounce Rate, Pages Per Session and Average Session Duration are good post-click engagement metrics. All of these metrics help you hit your KPIs. With that, let’s review what these metrics mean for your or your client’s account. Click […]

Bidding Down Is Hard to Do: Accepting the 1-3 Position Might Not Be the Best Fit

In our recent post, Six Ways to Identify Poor PPC Campaign Management, the number one item to monitor was a daily budget that exhausted itself early. Budgets that run out of money too early exist in campaigns that have limited their click potential. Since you’re reading Two Octobers’ blog and you have an interest in […]

Paid Search for Brand Keywords: To Bid or Not To Bid?

We’ve long held the belief that bidding on your brand terms in paid search advertising is inadvisable for most advertisers. In order to make your marketing dollars work hardest, we reason, why pay for users who are already aware of your business? Instead, use paid search advertising to attract new prospects who were searching for […]

The Mind of the Searcher

I was recently working with a client and struggling with a profoundly low conversion rate coming from search ads. The keywords we were buying were on target, the ads were performing well, and the landing pages appeared well designed. Then I tried to put myself inside the mind of the searcher. When I did that, […]

To-Do List: Building a Keyword List

This list is intended for someone who is creating a new paid search advertising campaign. Much of it still applies if you are looking to grow an existing campaign or researching keywords for organic search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, but not all steps will apply in those cases. To keep things simple, I am only […]

How to Use Google AdWords Match Types

Google AdWords allows you to specify a match type for each keyword you bid on. Yahoo and Bing do too, though there are some slight variations in how they work.  The three match types in Google are exact, phrase and broad.  The match type you choose tells the search engine when to match a user’s […]