Our Twitter Code of Conduct

As a business, we sometimes find ourselves slipping into bad behavior, so we came up with this Twitter code of conduct. We aspire to the code, but don’t always succeed. Please let us know if we are falling short. Be genuine. Nuff said. Listen. What? You think you know everything? Connect. Beautiful things happen when […]

Traffic-to-Hype Ratio

With Internet trends, it can be hard to tell when hype is merited and when it isn’t. Below is my attempt to answer this question for some sites of interest to local businesses. The metric traffic-to-hype ratio measures the proportion of actual traffic to how often a site gets talked about. A high ratio means […]

If an Advertiser Tweets in the Forest …

I was having lunch a few weeks ago with my friend Chandler who sells advertising at an online publisher and the topic of Twitter advertising came up. His personal viewpoint on Twitter is similar to one I’ve heard quite a bit recently: “I tried it out, but I didn’t get much out of it.” He […]

Funes the Twittorious

I generally write here about topics related to online marketing with the goal of being useful to local businesses. This is a bit different, apologies in advance for my transgression. One of my favorite authors is Jorge Luis Borges, an Argentinian writer who was also for a time the Director of the National Public Library […]

Marketing to Hipsters

Social networking tools that combine location with a status update have been around for a few years. Among them, Gowalla and Foursquare have gained some traction among the uber-connected. Both of these tools broadcast “this is where I am right now” to other users in some way, shape or form. Collectively, such systems are called […]