Jake Jamieson

VP, Digital Presence Lab

How do you manage a group designed to cut across boundaries and think differently? If you’re following Jake’s lead, you apply equal parts love of people and love of riddles. Jake ensures Two Octobers’ Digital Presence Lab is up to whatever digital marketing challenge our customers throw at us with a long view of digital marketing. He’s seen a lot: after being introduced to the world of search engines while QAing search engine results pages for Lycos, Jake started helping business market through search at digital agencies including iProspect. There’s not a technical SEO situation he hasn’t encountered, explained in human-speak, and fixed, with a unique blend of creativity and analysis that helps everyone around him shine.



Jake's dog Finn
Finn, Rabblerouser

Jake's Blogs

Tips & Tricks for Managing Remote Teams in Digital Marketing

Sometimes it takes effort to keep communication flowing smoothly with remote teams, but we’ve found that being able to expand our talent pool with a remote workforce has more than made up for any time spent in the setup. Make managing remote employees work more smoothly with these tricks.

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SEO Analyst Archetypes Encountered When Hiring: Finding SEO-Squatch

What are the best traits in a SEO analyst? We’ve outlined some of the common archetypes we’ve seen during our hiring process over the years, along with their strengths and weaknesses.

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An SEO’s Guide to Executing a Successful Website Redesign

“We need a new website.” Those are five simple words, but they pack a punch. You don’t just want the look and feel updated, you want the site to perform better too. A guide for clients as they begin their redesign endeavors to help make sure they’re not wasting their time on the wrong details.

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3 Things I'm Researching Now

2. How to apply customer journey data to keyword research
3. How to use Web scraping tools for good rather than evil