Rachel Zinanti, search advertising expert at Two Octobers

Rachel Zinanti

Sr. Manager, SEM Lead

Rachel defines Two Octobers’ best practices for search advertising with an eye for hard data and an ear on Google’s latest. Hardly a hands-off leader, Rachel takes experience from managing small and large customer campaigns and extrapolates it to help all our SEM practitioners become more efficient, more innovative, and more productive scientists of advertising data. If you’ve got a question about search advertising, we guarantee, Rachel has the answer.



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Tango, Counselor
Always willing to lend a paw.

Rachel's Blogs

How to Use the Jobs to Be Done Framework to Improve Your Marketing Messaging

Have you ever looked at a marketing persona and wondered what to do with the information? When it comes to creating content, whether it be ad copy or web copy, personas don’t always provide the right information.

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3 Ways to Reach Your Target Audience Before They Visit Your Site

Keyword-only strategies for paid search are no longer going to cut it--audiences are a hot topic for paid search in 2018. Remarketing is great and has its place, but what if you want to reach your target audience before they come to your site?

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Google Analytics Account Permissions - What Does Each One Mean?

What the different account permission levels in Google Analytics (GA) actually mean and where you can assign them in the GA interface.

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Top 3 Questions I Help Clients Answer

1) What types of searchers are the most profitable for my business? 2) How do we reach X audience/target market? 3) How are searchers engaging with my site?