Don’t Forget About Bing Ads

Rachel Zinanti

April 15, 2014

Don’t Forget About Bing Ads

With only 28% of the search market share, Bing is often overlooked by many businesses doing search advertising.  However, Bing Ads gets a solid share of all paid search clicks; companies not advertising on Bing could be missing out on as much as 40% of search advertising clicks.

Below are the paid search clicks, by industry, that Bing receives as reported by comScore in June 2013:

  • 40% Travel-Airlines
  • 37% Telecommunications
  • 36% Auto – Manufacturer
  • 34% Financial Services
  • 32% Career Resources
  • 28% Lifestyle – Food
  • 27% Home Furnishings
  • 26% Retail – Toys

The Bing audience is just as qualified as the Google audience and often times advertisers will see better ad performance metrics with Bing Ads.   We did an analysis of our clients advertising on both Bing & Google over a four-month period.  Here’s what we found when comparing Bing & Google metrics:

  • 55% saw higher CTRs on Bing
  • 73% saw lower average CPCs on Bing
  • 55% saw higher ad positions on Bing
  • Of clients tracking some form of conversion, conversion rates were an average of 1.94% lower on Bing

If you’re looking for a way to expand your advertising reach and you’re not using Bing Ads, give it another look.  Running Bing Ads will give you ad placement on both Bing and Yahoo search result pages. Getting setup with Bing Ads is as easy as importing your existing Google AdWords campaigns and making a few tweaks.

Want to know more? Contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you more about Bing Ads and how it can work for your company.