Mobile Ads For Better Reach

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April 8, 2014

Mobile Ads For Better Reach

Mobile Ads for better reach

If your PPC campaigns don’t have mobile specific ads that can display on smart phones and tablets, you could be missing out on half of your target audience. According to Google, consumers tend to switch between devices when researching and purchasing a product online and 50% of mobile searches have local intent. Now it is more important than ever to have ads for every device type.

Here are some interesting mobile usage growth statistics from Digital Buzz Blog:

• 50% of mobile users use mobile as their primary internet source

• 72% of tablet owners purchase online from their tablets each week

• Mobile leads other devices as primary delivery source of media consumption

• 41% have used a mobile device to browse for a product after seeing it in a show or advertisement.

• 80% of consumers plan to conduct mobile commerce in the next 12 months

Mobile vs. Traditional online ads
On average, mobile advertising is cheaper. According to PPC Hero (and this cool infographic), the average cost per click on a computer is $0.56, $0.46 on tablets, and $0.30 on mobile phones.

Not only are mobile ads cheaper, they also allow for greater interaction with the customer. Mobile ads can feature app extensions, call extensions, consumer ratings annotations, location extensions, review extensions, social annotations, and more. These extensions make the process to direct interaction much shorter and reduce the risk of losing a customer’s attention.

Call Extensions allow a customer using their cell phone to call your business directly from the ad instead of entering the website, locating the number, and manually typing it in to their phone.

Location Extensions allow a customer to quickly find your business through navigation assistance and GPS capable apps on their phone. One click, and their GPS app will pull up the directions to your location.

Seller Rating Annotations and Review Extensions showcase positive, third party reviews and show online business ratings with your ad.

Customers are on the move and traditional devices are being left to collect dust. Creating mobile optimized ads in your campaign can reach more customers, often for less money, and allows for greater interactions directly with customers.