Our Twitter Code of Conduct

Nico Brooks

January 22, 2011

Our Twitter Code of Conduct

As a business, we sometimes find ourselves slipping into bad behavior, so we came up with this Twitter code of conduct. We aspire to the code, but don’t always succeed. Please let us know if we are falling short.



  1. Be genuine. Nuff said.
  2. Listen. What? You think you know everything?
  3. Connect. Beautiful things happen when people connect.
  4. Have fun. All work and no play makes Two Octobers a dull company.



Oh, and here is our formula for Twitter success: there is no formula, see 1. above.

And these are some of the fine people who’ve taught us about good twitizenship: @alizasherman, @boulderrunner, @clearviewwater, and @timeforcake

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