Trusted Local SEO Comes to Denver

Jason Rogers

January 17, 2014

Trusted Local SEO Comes to Denver

Two Octobers is proud to be named a Factual Trusted Data Partner.  Factual is an anchor database and cornerstone of Local SEO and business listing management. As a Trusted Data Provider, Two Octobers has been verified by Factual as a source for trustworthy and high quality business listing data.

Factual distributes business listings to a network spanning thousands of publishers including some of the largest brands in local search. Factual is a prominent data provider for mobile applications and is known to positively impact geo-location data that is integral to many local mobile apps.

When you work with Two Octobers, your business listing submissions are quickly and accurately syndicated across Factual’s network and the larger digital landscape.

Correcting Business Listing Data

Working with Factual, Two Octobers’ Local SEO product delivers benefits that are hard to find with other SEO services. When our Local SEO team creates new business listings and edits existing business location data, you can be confident in the results.

  • Data Integrity – Providing accurate data in core databases like Factual helps to clean inaccurate listings on other websites, databases and directories.
  • Consistency – Two Octobers ensures the data we submit is accurate and verified by our clients. Factual then normalizes that data to encourage consistency wherever a business is found in Factual’s network, and beyond.
  • Authority – Trusted data submissions are granted significantly greater authority than other submissions, meaning they are readily accepted and trusted by Factual’s network partners.
  • Franchises and Chains – Two Octobers identifies multi-unit brands as “Chains” within the Factual database, providing greater visibility and data clarity.
  • Old and Erroneous Locations – Chain businesses frequently move stores to new locations and close stores all together. Moreover, many listings are just flat wrong. As a Trusted Data Partner, Two Octobers can easily indicate a store’s new location, mark stores as closed and remove erroneous listings; something that is surprisingly difficult otherwise.

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