Viral Ingredient: Virtuosity

Nico Brooks

May 29, 2010

Viral Ingredient: Virtuosity

This post is part of a series of posts describing the ingredients that cause media to go viral: Viral Marketing Ingredients

Virtuosity describes when a story or video captures sheer, remarkable talent. From a viral standpoint, it also helps if the talent is coming from someone we have never heard of. For example, we all know Eric Clapton can play the guitar, but have you ever heard of Funtwo? I hadn’t either, but a video of him playing Vivaldi is one of the most-watched on YouTube. And the words “I learned to play guitar with!” that accompany the video have driven many aspiring Funtwo’s to the guitar instruction site/service. The low-fi clip was produced by GuitarMasterPro, and markets their services as well as Clapton ever could.

While the GuitarMasterPro video captures what the site is offering, this one is about as subtle as advertising gets. Can you tell who produced this video?

Watch for it … watch for it …

Ok, did you notice the Gatorade bottle sitting next to her chair right at the end? Unfortunately, the clip is a fake and no matter how much Gatorade you drink you won’t be able to defy gravity. The ball girl was a stuntwoman assisted by wires. But for a while people passed the clip around, wondering at her achievement.

This last one is not marketing any business or product, but the Evolution of Dance has to be included for the fact that it launched the talented but otherwise unknown Justin Laipply in to viral stardom. This video is one of the most watched ever on YouTube.

As a marketing technique, virtuosity works best when it is relevant to the nature of your business. Does your product or service enable people to do remarkable things? If so, think about capturing some of your customers doing what they do on video. Not only does this showcase what you offer, it is a way to celebrate your customers.

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