Getting the Most Out of Your Google Grant

Google Grants is a Huge Opportunity for Non-Profits. Are You Using It Well?

A Two Octobers Seminar

Does your Google Grant feel like a $10,000 untapped opportunity? Do you find it hard to leverage and measure the impact your grant is having on your non-profit? Or maybe you suffer from that pesky “I don’t know what I don’t know” feeling?

Two Octobers’ half-day seminar helps marketers gain control of the strategy and impact of their Google Grant.


About This Event

Two Octobers has years of experience helping non-profits with Grant accounts, and along the way we have encountered and overcome just about every challenge you can imagine. In this three-hour workshop, we will walk through how to avoid grant suspensions, paid search best practices, campaign strategy, and tips for maximizing your reach and your $10,000 grant. The session will be packed with tips and tools, and there will be time at the end to dive into your specific needs and challenges. The workshop group will consist of marketers from local non-profits, so there will be ample opportunity to learn from each other.


  • Learn how to set up automated rules to flag problems before they become suspensions.

  • Learn how to conceptualize, build, execute, optimize, and measure a campaign.

  • Learn advanced tactics to help reach your grant cap.

  • Grow your network of local non-profit marketers and see what they’re doing to grow and succeed.

  • When and Where

    Join us Tuesday, March 24, 2020 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm at Two Octobers, Industry Rino, Denver.

    Cost: $200 per organization. Multiple people may attend from an organization.

    Two Octobers clients and qualified non-profits may be able to attend for free. Please contact us or fill out a registration form to request a spot.



    Prerequisites: You already have a Google Grant or understand the process for acquiring one (we will not be covering how to qualify or sign up for a Google Grant). This session will be most helpful for someone in a direct or advisory role for their Google Grant; parts of this workshop will be more tactical than strategic.

    Preparation: Please bring a laptop and have access to your Google Ads grant account. If you have any Google Grant challenges, please bring those too.

    About the Instructor

    Maggie Castle has a passion for helping purpose-driven businesses grow. She leads the Digital Marketing Training group at Two Octobers, a fanatically-analytical digital marketing agency in Denver. She is also our Search Engine Marketing Practice Lead. She has been working in digital marketing for almost ten years, four of which have been spent growing with Two Octobers. Eight out of ten predictive models show her as the best miler at Two Octobers.