Digital Marketing Courses

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Imagine a world where you could learn & solve your marketing problems at the same time. Are learning opportunities making you feel like Goldilocks, where nothing’s quite right? Conference sessions are too bite-sized and standalone videos don’t quite cut it.

Our digital marketing courses were born out of a need in the market to find the intersection between depth, customization, and long-term support. So what you get is marketing learning that propels you towards your business goals.

Our Next class

Mastering GA4

In our Google Analytics 4 course, we will teach you how to properly configure your GA4 property, set up powerful customizations, and explore its new reporting capabilities. 

January-February Class Dates
  • Session 1 – January 13, 2022 | 10am– 2pm MST  
  • Free bonus session for ecommerce setup – January 14 11am – 1pm MST
  • Session 2 – February 3 | 10am– 2pm MST
February-March Class Dates
  • Session 1: February 14, 2022 9am – 1pm MST
  • Free bonus session for ecommerce setup: February 15 9am – 11am MST
  • Session 2: March 7 9am – 1pm MST

Digital Marketing Coaching

Our unique one-on-one training program teaches marketers analytics, SEO, or paid media, as they apply it to their day-to-day. 

Digital Marketing Webinars

Our free digital marketing workshops are designed to help experienced marketers hone their skills in digital marketing, and stay on top of critical new tactics and opportunities