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GA4 can help your team understand the pathways your prospects take to conversion better than ever before. Are you fully leveraging its power?

Go beyond out-of-the-box configuration:

  • track the micro-conversions that lead up to sales, like file downloads and video views
  • understand macro user flows with content grouping. 
  • build custom reports & share them with the entire team.
  • tell stories with data in Looker Studio.

Google Analytics is the most powerful free tool at your disposal. But customizing makes it even more powerful. Level-up to understand your customers’ journey better and ensure your website is designed to maximize conversions.

Get a 30 minute free consultation with Google Analytics guru and digital marketer, Two Octobers Head of Analytics Nico Brooks. We’ll talk through your goals and how to leverage customization to get even more out of GA4.

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"I couldn’t be more impressed with Two Octobers’ ability to unravel problems with GA4. They set up detailed metrics that allowed us to measure marketing performance accurately. We now have the confidence to move our business forward with a strategy backed by quality insights.”
Gretchen Lowery, VP, Digital Marketing & Communications

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