jumpstart packages

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make an impact—fast

Chances are, you know how to jumpstart your car — but do you know how to jumpstart your purpose-driven marketing? Nothing should stand in your way when it comes to your business, nonprofit or cause.

If you need to get a leg up on performance or better visualize the fruits of your labor, you’re in the right place. Low on investment, high on impact. Starting at a one-time fee of $500. Name your topic—we probably have a jumpstart for it.

Analytics jumpstart packages

analytics insights monitoring icon


Ongoing evaluation of your GA: traffic acquisition, goal tracking, audience effectiveness, website usage patterns.

  • Actionable insights for your marketing program
  • Ongoing monitoring of analytics accuracy
  • Monthly reporting


Google Analytics Customization Icon


In-depth GA review to ensure accuracy & completeness, so you can derive real insights for your marketing program.

  • Assess two dozen factors
  • Report of findings, including priority of issues that need to be addressed


google analytics customization


Go beyond out-of-the-box to learn more about your marketing program and web visitors.

  • Set up goals, events, URL tagging, demographics tagging, and GSC
  • Provide training on advanced features


multi channel marketing dashboard fill icon


A custom dashboard with the perfect snapshot of key digital marketing KPIs specific to your business.

  • A custom marketing dashboard for your business
  • Hook up to 5 data sources
  • Monthly expert analysis with actionable insights
  • Ongoing monitoring

$500 setup + $250/month

audience analysis dashboard fill icon


Uncover impactful insights about your prospects & customers hiding out in your data, & learn how to apply the findings to your marketing program.

  • Audience analysis dashboard
  • Hookup to your data sources
  • Expert analysis


dashboard hookup fill icon


Google Data Studio is a great way of visualizing data and telling stories with data. We’ve got a few free dashboard templates that you can use for your own data. And if you need assistance hooking up any of them up, we’re happy to help.

Pricing varies, contact us for details.

paid media jumpstart packages

social audit icon

social audit

Turn your social account into a powerhouse. Our findings help you uncover the real business value in your social accounts.

  • Review content, audience, and conversion factors
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest
  • Report of findings, including opportunity priority

$500 – $1,000/project

sem audit icon

SEM Audit

Get fresh insights on how to drive the lowest CPA possible. Our constructive recommendations can be implemented immediately for better results.

  • Review of Google Ads or Bing Ads account across two dozen factors
  • Report of findings and recommendations, including issue priority


SEO and email Jumpstart Packages

seo audit icon

SEo Audit

Are search engines seeing your website for what it really is? Our technical audit evaluates hundreds of factors and prioritizes issues & opportunities for better ranking.

  • Assess website crawlability, site speed, mobile friendliness & more
  • Report of findings and recommendations, including issue priority

$1,000 and up/project

email audit icon

email audit

Take your email program from routine to results with our email audit.

  • Review email content and six key metrics
  • Evaluate segmentation, triggers, & personalization
    Report of findings and prioritized opportunities