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Looking for a window into real-time consumer demand? Learn valuable insights by understanding current searcher trends. We’ll unlock the insights from the terms people search for to analyze trends for your product or industry, using real live human power and our experience across hundreds of websites and dozens of industries. Our customized report–only available for B Corps and values-driven organizations–shares:

  • how consumer interest in your category is changing, month over month and year over year
  • where in the US interest is higher and lower than the average
  • how interest compares for other brand names and products related to your industry.

How can you use this information?

  • Benchmark your website’s performance against recent trends by following our step-by-step instructions. (No need to share proprietary data!)
  • Learn if your lead and sales volume matches traffic trends.
  • Identify opportunities for expansion.

We believe search behavior is an underutilized resource for product and marketing teams. We’ll demonstrate how to unlock this valuable data into information that moves your marketing forward.

What does this data look like? Read our 2023 Bike Industry Forecast for a taste of the insights this research can uncover.

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"Two Octobers is great! Over the course of a few months, they designed and implemented several organic strategies that resulted in 19% YoY growth. And that was after a 40% drop in organic traffic we saw after an algorithm update."
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“Two Octobers has provided insightful direction and proactive execution on our SEO strategy. The Two Octobers team has been available to answer questions and help our team learn best practices to empower us to implement SEO tactics successfully on our own.”
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