Tag Manager and Duplicate Google Analytics Tags

If you work with Google Analytics (GA), Google Tag Manager (GTM) and have lots of clients, you have probably run into this problem: you manage tags with GTM, but the client has the Google Analytics PageView tag placed directly on a subset of site pages. This problem is especially common on sites that span multiple […]

Google Analytics Events Cheat Sheet

I’m presenting at the Denver Google Analytics Meetup tonight, and put together this cheat sheet on Google Analytics Events. Here’s a PDF version, and the image below links to a PNG version. Hat tip to Lunametrics for helpful scripts and being generally awesome.

Happy Holidays from Two Octobers!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a great year! We put together a short holiday video for your enjoyment. Video direction, production and editing: Johan Christianson.

Marketing Automation – a Journey with Google Sheets and Supermetrics – Part III

Part III – Automation Everywhere Two Octobers has become a hotbed of automation. Around the office, people are creating tools to monitor shopping campaigns, forward emails based on client names, and manage ad copy programmatically. The complete list is far too long to include here, and I’m sure there are some I don’t know about. This […]

Marketing Automation – a Journey with Google Sheets and Supermetrics – Part II

Part II – My First Project The problem: automated budget tracking and management My first project with Google Sheets and Google Apps Script (GAS) was to rebuild the campaign budget tracker we use to monitor budget pacing in paid search campaigns. This was the core functionality I had tried to replace first with a 3rd-party […]

Advanced Reporting & Automation for Google Shopping

Using the GMC API, Supermetrics & More By Nico Brooks & Maggie Castle It doesn’t take much to upend a Google Merchant Center (GMC) account.  A single recalled product in a feed of thousands could suspend an entire feed.  Discrepancies in shipping costs, lost site verification, or expired feeds are also common culprits. GMC requirements […]