meet our purpose-driven team

Learn a little more about the purposes that we’re personally passionate about. Want to chat with one of our digital marketing pros? Reach out.

Kris skavish


Kris is passionate about human-centered businesses where business is a significant contributor to societal change.

nico brooks


Nico is passionate about apprenticeship – creating a path to meaningful employment for everyone.

jeff rovner

digital account director

Jeff’s passionate about combating climate change, the impact on our planet and the future of humanity.

Jamil Chughtai

digital account director

Jamil’s passionate about universal healthcare, apprenticeship & improving access to digital marketing careers.

Karen o'toole

head of social

Karen’s passionate about: racial injustice, LGBTQIA+ issues, climate justice, mental health awareness, and universal healthcare


Canine Activities Coordinator

Who’s a happy boy!

yasmin Burgess

head of content

Yasmin’s passionate about gender equality in the workplace


ear model

Yasmin’s better 1/8th.

noah learner

vice president of product

Noah’s passionate about free and fair elections, gun safety, equal opportunity, and taking care of planet Earth.


treat monster

Treat Monster, I mean Master

Chloe Pascoe

Head of paid media

Chloe is passionate about impacting child hunger to ensure children have equal access to food outside of school and animal rights. 

serin silva

business development

Serin is passionate about responsible use of technology to help humanity vs. destroy humanity.


Floor Flop Specialist
Cute cute cute. Very skilled at bending Serin to her will–ask for tips & tricks.

Max cowles

SEO manager

Max is passionate about limiting the influence of private interests in politics, racial equality, universal healthcare, and LGBTQIA+ rights (also cars, cats, and computers).

brett woodward

SEO manager

Brett is passionate about making outdoor recreation more accessible and inclusive.

randy McFadden

sr. SEO

Randy is dedicated to promoting racial equality.

Abby curtis

sr. SEO

Abby is passionate about disrupting systemic inequity, animal welfare, and protecting the environment.

Claire Viland

solutions developer

Claire is passionate about ending animal abuse, protecting wildlife and ecosystems, and improving mental health in America.

Danielle Stephan

Account Manager

Danielle is passionate about supporting accessible and affordable childcare for all parents, protecting the health of our planet, and advocating for animal adoption.


Karen Carr

Digital Marketing Specialist

Each one Teach one. Karen is passionate about learning and then passing it on to others to build the future.

Morgan hassell

Marketing Manager

Morgan is passionate about sustainable food and agriculture, equal opportunity and environmental conservation.


Jeramiah Winston

Marketing Coordinator

Jeramiah is passionate about fighting housing inequality and gentrification. 


Meijia Oltman

Digital Analytics Specialist

Meijia is passionate about gender equality, racial equality, and the rights of individuals with physical and mental disabilities.

Raquel torres-miramonte

digital marketing specialist

Raquel’s engaged in issues including animal abuse and mental health.

dione wedel

office manager

Dione is dedicated to racial, social and gender equality and support for all civil service members.