meet our purpose-driven team

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Kris skavish


Kris knows how to get to the heart of what matters. She is also partial to poppy seeds.


velocity specialist

Knows better than most that big bursts of energy are best followed with a nap.

nico brooks

Loves efficient tools; hates weak coffee. A big numbers guy who lives to troubleshoot the hard stuff.

jeff rovner

digital account director
Great at strategy and execution. Totally cool under pressure. Voted best sidekick in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Maggie Castle

Digital Account Director
Brilliant at retail/shopping campaigns. Former heptathlete (some of us can’t even name seven sports).


Wrestling Coach
Part caucasian ovcharka, clearly.

Karen o'toole

head of social

Passionate about building communities, with a flair for the irreverent. Has never met an Oxford comma she didn’t like.


Canine Activities Coordinator

Who’s a happy boy!

yasmin davila

head of content

Big-picture content and SEO thinker. Athlete, chef, musician. Renaissance woman.


ear model

Yasmin’s better 1/8th.

noah learner

product director

Noah is as bottom-line driven as any digital marketer we’ve ever met. 


treat monster

Treat Monster, I mean Master

Jamil Chughtai

digital account director

Veteran search marketing professional. Has a sense of humor that can sneak up on you.

serin silva

business development
People person who keeps us moving in the right direction. Her enthusiasm is contagious.


Floor Flop Specialist
Cute cute cute. Very skilled at bending Serin to her will–ask for tips & tricks.

alli hair

analytics specialist

Paints pictures with data. Has a nasty habit of infecting coworkers with optimism.


sr. digital marketing manager

Quiet, but deadly with a digital campaign. Loves cookies food of any kind.


interior design

Kylo’s feng shui tip of the day: the ideal meditation space is lined with Goose’s (stolen) toys.

dione wedel

office manager

Keeps everything running. Eagle eye for the details. Proud Army mom.

randy McFadden

sr. SEO

Claire Viland

digital marketing specialist

We’re still trying to figure out what she can’t do. Unrepentant doodler.

max cowles

digital marketing specialist

SEO-focused, master of words. His eyebrows nearly qualified for the US gymnastics team.

emily bacher

digital marketing specialist

A very punctual onion.

brett woodward

digital marketing specialist

Loves Ultimate frisbee and anything on two wheels. 

Raquel torres-miramonte

digital marketing intern

Cedric white

digital marketing manager

laura miller

digital marketing manager

keith estes

seo + content manager