digital account director

Jamil Chughtai

Jamil is an excellent practitioner in search advertising and SEO, but where he’s unparalleled is in mentoring and training junior team members. Jamil heads up our specialist team, where he teaches those new to digital marketing the ins and outs of search and analytics. As a veteran search marketer for more than fifteen years, Jamil’s been the instrument of improvement for hundreds of campaigns and websites.

While he may be the only person living in Colorado who doesn’t actually enjoy the outdoors, his love of dogs will always make him at home at Two Octobers.


82% CPL reduction

Sometimes you just need to know where to look, how to analyze multiple streams of data, and then actually look outside the box. Jamil's analytics skills drove down cost per leads for an automative dealership.

500% growth

Jamil improved lead volume for a tourism business by over 500% over two years.

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