Training Services

Build your team's digital marketing skills

Good digital marketers are always learning, expanding and growing their skills. We think of it as a never-ending race to keep up with what’s next. Which is why it makes sense to equip your team to run (and win) a marathon every day.

Our unique one-on-one training program teaches marketers analytics, SEO, or paid media, as they apply it to their day-to-day.  We ensure teams learn new skills, improve efficiency, and ultimately build self-confidence. We do this via a bespoke coaching engagement. 

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Coaching engagements work great for:

  • Mid-career marketers who need to expand their skills to a new discipline in digital marketing.
  • Businesses looking to build capacity for digital marketing in-house, but don’t yet have the knowledge to do so.
  • Marketers who want to learn Google Analytics, but not just how to run the tool–how to understand their business’s data, and apply it to decision making in their job.

Digital Marketing Training Designed for Impact

Your team learns through doing, working on the business to achieve digital marketing goals, while learning to become self-sufficient.

  • Customized curriculum

    Built for your needs in every session.

  • Use Your Data

    Learn while optimizing your own website, ad accounts, and Google Analytics.

  • One-on-one or small group

    The opportunity for collaboration and Q&A.

  • Meets 2x/month

    Training sessions meet twice a month for 90 minutes each.

Two Octobers was fantastic! Both instructors met us where we were at and tailored sessions to our needs. My team feel much more confident about our campaign decisions and how to measure our results.

How It Works

Choose a digital marketing topic, and work with us to customize a plan for your needs. A typical training engagement meets twice a month for 90 minutes each, and lasts 6 months. Training engagements range $1,000-$2,000/month, depending on the instructor and number of participants.

We start with an assessment–what do you already know? Where do you need to get to? Then we customize the curriculum in each topic area to fit your needs. Sessions are collaborative. We share prepared training materials, but we also invite questions and solve problems together–it feels like you’ve got access to your own digital marketing advisers.

Digital Marketing Training Areas

  • SEO & Content

    Technical SEO, on-page SEO, keyword strategy, content strategy, content for SEO

  • Paid Media

    Google Ads, Meta (Facebook & Instagram), LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok

  • Marketing analytics

    Google Analytics, Looker Studio, dashboards, and tracking

Our Trainers

Two Octobers instructors are senior digital marketing practitioners–so they understand marketing and business goals. We’ve trained dozes of marketing practitioners just like you.

Our training team is led by Nico Brooks, a 20-year veteran of marketing technology, who has taught search marketing at the University of Denver.

Or...We'll Do it for you

marketing analytics services

We help knit together marketing data into marketing insights.

seo & content services

We build long-term value with SEO and content that drives company growth.

paid media services

Partner with us for strategic digital media planning and execution that exceeds your KPIs.