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Build your team's digital marketing skills

Good digital marketers are always learning, expanding and growing their skills. We think of it as a never-ending race to keep up with what’s next. Which is why it makes sense to equip your team to run (and win) a marathon every day.

Our unique one-on-one training program teaches marketers analytics, SEO, or paid media, as they apply it to their day-to-day.  We ensure teams learn new skills, improve efficiency, and ultimately build self-confidence. We do this via a bespoke coaching engagement. 


  • We pair an experienced channel marketer with one, two, or three of your team members.
  • Our curriculum is customized for each client, and designed to teach core or advanced concepts.
  • Your team learns through doing, working on the business to achieve digital marketing goals, while learning to become self-sufficient.
  • Engagements typically last three to six months meeting biweekly. 

Coaching engagements work great for:

  • Mid-career marketers who need to expand their skills to a new discipline in digital marketing.
  • Businesses looking to build capacity for digital marketing in-house, but don’t yet have the knowledge to do so.
  • Marketers who want to learn Google Analytics, but not just how to run the tool–how to understand their business’s data, and apply it to decision making in their job.

WOW wow wow–our Google Ads was in desperate need of some help, and with the guidance of our team at @twooctobers, we’re already seeing results. We launched Friday after ~a year of holding to a dead campaign. Color me thrilled!

– Mallory Thomas, Marketing Manager, iVenture Solutions

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