The Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

“I don’t think I ever imagined that I would have a desk job, or something more professional that isn’t like manual labor, and getting paid for it. It’s been amazing.”
raquel torres miramonte digital marketing intern 2
Raquel Miramonte-Torres
“College is not an option or a fit for a lot of people. Requiring experience and a degree for entry-level jobs is not only unjust, it is bad for our business. The best teams I have been a part of weren’t built on credentials, they succeeded based on passion and diverse perspectives.”
nico profile with grey background
Nico Brooks
Co-Founder of Two Octobers

Apprentices are the new way forward.

Apprenticeships are transformational in the workplace, for both the apprentice and the employer. An apprentice gets an opportunity to learn a whole new career and change their outlook from a “job” to a career. Employers get the benefit of hidden talent they might not have found in a typical hiring process and an apprentice who will grow with their business over the next 2-3 years.


Read on to understand what it takes, how to hire an apprentice, and what the path to apprenticeship looks like. 

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