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as a better way for your business to thrive

You may have heard of apprenticeship before, possibly in the context of a skilled tradesperson (like an electrician or plumber). But apprenticeships can be designed for white-collar professions too, and professional apprenticeships can create a pathway to fulfilling careers for non-traditional candidates, opening up the potential talent pool for businesses

It’s an opportunity for you to:

  • Grow your business
  • Improve productivity/profitability
  • Increase diversity
  • Identify hidden talent
  • Receive tax credits (depending where your business is based)

The case for apprenticeship

At Two Octobers, we are passionate about apprenticeship for a number of reasons. We see it is thriving in other parts of the world as a pathway into a wide variety of careers. Plus, the existing requirement for candidates to have completed a 2- or 4-year degree can leave some of the best candidates out of your candidate pool. Not to mention, most schools are not keeping up with the needs of employers. 

We developed a comprehensive training program for our entry-level hires, because we found they didn’t know how to do digital marketing even if they had studied it in school. With a training program in place, we found ourselves asking, “why do we require a 4-year degree?” By doing so, we were supporting a system that is unjust and inefficient.

The bottom line: Apprenticeship helps all people achieve their full potential, and provides employers with a supply of talent that is continuously evolving and adapting to meet their needs.

In 2020, we worked with the Colorado Department of Labor to develop standards for a digital marketing apprenticeship that meets the requirements of the US DoL Registered Apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship builds all of the skills necessary to become a fully qualified digital marketer.

Join us

change the world

Hire a digital marketing apprentice to join your team! Companies that have a clear path for career growth for entry- and mid-level employees are great candidates to employ an apprentice. In their first year, apprentices in the program work for you part-time and take classes part-time. 

Components of the Apprenticeship

  • Work. What sets the apprenticeship apart from getting a degree or certificate in digital marketing is the fact they are working in the job. The apprentice will be applying what they learn to real work throughout the apprenticeship.
  • On-the-job training. This is mixed in with regular work. Early on in the apprenticeship, there will be a lot of on-the-job training. Towards the end of the apprenticeship, there will be a lot less.
  • Related instruction. Classroom work provides some of the background knowledge and skills required for success. 

What’s involved for the employer?

Companies are responsible for recruiting and employing the apprentice, just like any other job. Employers also provide on-the-job training.

More questions? See our FAQ section below.

Two Octobers Can Help!

  1. Companies can leverage the Registered Apprenticeship Two Octobers has created, and follow the program of instruction and on-the-job training that we’ve developed. This saves the time and effort of creating a similar program from scratch, and gives apprentices the benefit of getting a after successful completion of the program.
  2. Two Octobers is offering to provide the on-the-job training component of the apprenticeship for free to a select number of B Corporations and non-profits. Contact us if you’re interested, we’d love to support your efforts!
  3. We’re happy to be a resource as your planning your hire, sharing what’s been successful for us. When you’re recruiting, we’re also happy to share apprentice candidates who’ve applied to us.

Interested in apprenticeship, but not in digital marketing?

For more information about the business case to start an apprenticeship program, click here. If you’re an employer looking to start your own apprenticeship program in a field outside of digital marketing and would like to speak to us, email [email protected]


About Apprenticeship

Companies that have a clear path for career growth for entry level and mid level employees are great candidates for an apprenticeship program.

Companies that have a culture of cooperation, learning, and sharing knowledge are also great fits for an apprenticeship.

Because apprentices are learning their trade, having other people as part of the marketing team is recommended. Apprentices won’t be able to contribute to marketing outcomes at first.


Apprentices are making a long-term commitment to their chosen career path and your company; internships are typically for a smaller period of time while the intern completes their education or has only recently entered the workforce.

Apprenticeship candidates typically vary in age, previous career history, and educational background, whereas internships are typically associated with college students or recent graduates.

Apprentices complete their program with a certification in digital marketing.

Costs are similar to a typical entry level employee.

Employers may also wish to support their apprentices by paying for all or part of their related instruction.  Related instruction is equivalent to about half the cost of an associate's degree.There are state programs that help apprentices receive funding for instructional costs, which vary depending on that person’s location.

It depends on the state you are located in. Please check with your state officials.

Early apprentices need some additional support. Because educational requirements start at a high school diploma, some apprentices may be completely new to college and additional consideration may be needed to help them adjust to their new job and educational commitments.

Recruiting & Hiring an Apprentice

Identify your company’s hiring needs. What are you looking to get out of an entry level employee?  What responsibilities are typically given to entry level employees? By working on an outline for expectations, you can start to determine what an apprenticeship would look like.

Two Octobers can help your company work on this.

We have found local resources eager to help find qualified candidates who reflect the vision of apprenticeship as an alternate path to a career. ocal workforce centers, and educators at both the high school and technical college level are good resources. We do not recommend posting the apprenticeship at traditional job sources, but instead suggest working with local educators and community centers to receive candidates for this role.

We’d be happy to share our experiences, and if you’re in the Denver area, connections to local organizations. We also have candidates from across the country who find our digital marketing apprenticeship and apply to us directly, and we’d love to connect them with you.

Training & Employing an Apprentice

The employer is responsible for on-the-job training. When participating in the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, we’ll provide an outline of the curriculum.

As part of our commitment to moving this program forward, for a select number of B Corporations or non-profits, Two Octobers will provide on-the-job training to your apprentice in digital marketing at no cost.

Apprentices should be treated as typical entry level employees. The program requires that employers provide on-the-job training. And they have additional, external educational commitments provided by third parties, including Coursera and local community colleges.

Apprenticeships are presented as long-term commitments involving education and support from the workplace and community. We typically expect an apprenticeship to take between two and three years, and the apprentice will become a Certified Digital Marketer in a highly in-demand industry.

During this apprenticeship period, retention rates are much higher than interns and other entry level employees who have no outside commitments to continue education or work towards a certification.

Apprentices are similar to traditional entry level employees. Additional consideration towards supervision should be given for candidates who are new to working remotely or new to working in an office environment.

Yes, in accordance with your policy for entry-level workers.

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interested in creating an apprenticeship, outside digital marketing?

For more information about the business case to start an apprenticeship program, click here. If you’re an employer looking to start your own apprenticeship program in a field outside of digital marketing and would like to speak to us, email [email protected]