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You may have heard of apprenticeship before, perhaps in the context of a skilled tradesperson like a plumber. But apprenticeships can be designed for white-collar professions too, and professional apprenticeships can create a pathway to fulfilling careers for non-traditional candidates, opening up the potential talent pool for businesses.

Two Octobers’ interest in apprenticeship began when we were brainstorming how to increase demographic diversity in our business. We faced a fundamental problem: how could we hire more diverse team members when the pool of experienced practitioners in our field isn’t as diverse as the US population?

It turns out we can create a pathway to well-paying, in-demand careers, without an expensive college degree, by creating a Registered Apprenticeship program. 

We invite marketing agencies and professionals from other industries to learn:

  • how our digital marketing apprenticeship program works,
  • how you can hire a digital marketing apprentice in Colorado,
  • how you can create similar certifications in other states and other industries.
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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

1 pm – 2 pm Mountain Time

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As a Certified B Corp, we believe in the power of business to make societal change. Through our Registered Apprenticeship program, we aim to increase diversity of professionals in the field of digital marketing.

Jamil Chughtai

Jamil Chughtai

Leader of the Registered Apprenticeship program at Two Octobers, Jamil is our Head of People Ops. Jamil was recognized as Mentor of the Year at the Colorado Apprenticeship Awards in 2022.

Kris Skavish

Kris Skavish

Co-CEO of Two Octobers, Kris has spoken about apprenticeship at B Local Colorado's BLD conference.