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We believe in finding new solutions to old problems. Below are some of our latest digital marketing tools. Use them to your advantage and share with other like-minded marketers.

google my business tools

We hate repetitive work. If we find ourselves cutting-and-pasting more than a few times in a row, we start thinking and talking automation. If you’ve ever had to manage more than one GMB listing, you know exactly what we mean.

postamatic tool for google my business card


This Google Sheets Add-on helps you create and schedule Google My Business posts. For one or multiple GMB locations, you can create and schedule posts, Q&A, and reviews.

data studio templates

Have we mentioned we love data? And we love telling stories with data. Here are a few of our favorite data studio templates for digital marketing reports. Need help using one of these dashboards?

demographics template for two octobers website cropped

demographics template

Dive deep into demographics with this Data studio template. Show age and gender, geography, device and more from Google Analytics data.

scroll percentage table for two octobers website

scroll tracking template

After you’ve set up Google Analytics to track users’ scroll depth on a page, this dashboard makes analyzing the data a snap.

organic search keywords template

keyword monitoring template

Monitor the performance of a select set of keywords in this seo dashboard. Hooks up to your Google Search Console.

organic traffic with activities line chart

seo traffic + activities template

Combine a report of SEO activities and organic search traffic with this dashboard. It’s a great example of incorporating line items from Google Sheets data that match the dates in your reports.

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