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Two Octobers Explorer for Search transforms and enriches Google Search Console data to illuminate actionable insights that drive better consumer engagement, higher search rankings and more leads or sales for your business.

  • See the full breadth and depth of search queries that matter to your business.
  • Separate signal from noise with automated query classifications like question words (what, how and why), high funnel/low funnel, root topics and more.
  • Identify content opportunities and issues with high-value keywords and existing website pages. 
  • Monitor aggregate trends in your rankings and topic visibility.

Now available in beta!

Two Octobers has been helping marketers uncover insights in data for more than a decade. We built Two Octobers Explorer for Search to democratize the methods and tools we’ve developed and refined while driving growth for our clients. If you would like help going deeper in the data and incorporating data-driven practices in your organization, please reach out!

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Two Octobers Explorer for Search is now available in beta!

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Dig into your website data and transform your SEO practice.

big data for everyone

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Two Octobers Explorer for Search makes Google Search Console data useful for any business, large or small, at an attractive price.

  • The most complete picture of how your site is performing in organic search available from any tool.
  • Get beyond GSC’s 1,000 rows-of-data-limit and uncover insights you can’t see elsewhere.
  • Zoom into the details in an instant, and zoom back out for insights at the speed of business.

Answer business & SEO questions

  • What topics does my audience care about? How well is my website covering them?
  • What are *all* the keywords people are adding to my brand name when searching?
  • Which of my business areas are increasing in organic rank, and which are decreasing?
  • Which products & brands are users increasingly interested in?
  • What keywords are trending right now?
  • How do people research my products/services?
  • Do I have multiple pages that are showing up for the same query? Am I competing with myself?
  • Are there important content opportunities hiding in the long tail?
two octobers explorer root query

how it works

Get more than Google Search Console's limited view

Google Search Console

Google Search Console shows the top queries and landing pages that appear in Google Search, but limits what you can see at any given time. By pulling data from the Search Console API and warehousing it over time, we are able to show you far more queries and more historical data than you get when you log into Search Console directly.

Two Octobers Explorer is software that transforms GSC data, in your data warehouse,  combined with a lightning fast Google Data Studio tool that drives the insights you wish were built into the performance tab of Google Search Console. Experience what millions of rows of data can tell you about your target audience, your keywords, and your website performance.

GSC data pipeline + advanced reporting

Two Octobers Explorer for Search is available in partnership with Jepto. Jepto integrates with the Google Search Console (GSC) API, and does the heavy lifting for you, piping your GSC data into your BigQuery environment—you own the data and have access to everything.

Data image

Built on Jepto's Data Warehouse

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We love uncovering insights in data, and as we worked to build Two Octobers Explorer for Search we realized that we love the insights part more than building a data infrastructure. There are a multitude of organizations selling data pipeline solutions and we evaluated them all to find a partner that we would be proud to recommend. Here are some things we love about Jepto:

  • The data lives in your environment. You own it and have complete control. This is critically important as governments and organizations place increasing importance on data privacy and controls. It’s also better for you.
  • The pricing starts low and scales well – most competing solutions become prohibitively expensive as you inevitably add connections to more and more data sources. Not Jepto. 

Jepto does a lot more than just pipeline data – if we tried to capture all of the ways in which Jepto adds value to data, it would be out of date by the time this sentence was finished. Check it out for yourself.

GSC data, only better

We are continuously developing transformations to make Search Console data more useful, but here are the enhancements currently available:

  • Position bucketing – aggregate data for analyzing performance in positions 1-10, 11-20, etc.
  • Root terms – which stem terms show up in multiple queries and how often?
  • Question words associated with queries
  • Low, mid and high-funnel words associated with queries
  • Trend data – how are query metrics changing over time?
  • Path data – how are different sections of your site doing?
We provide template reports built in Google Data Studio to help you explore the data. You also have direct access to the transformed data, for analysis in BigQuery or any tool that can connect to BigQuery.
two octobers explorer data transformations

Example Reports

These are some of the reports that are part of the Google Data Studio template you get with Two Octobers Explorer. And with Data Studio, you can easily create custom reports for your needs. Or let our team build a report that perfectly suits your specific needs–drop us a line!