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Save time, grow search traffic and unlock profitable insights.

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“This tool is seriously the coolest thing I’ve ever seen…ever…in SEO.”
Greg Gifford SEO
Greg Gifford
Searchlab Digital

Experience Explorer

Product Director Noah Learner walks through how Explorer for Search will transform your SEO practice.

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Why you need Explorer

Your data stays private

Explorer stores your data in either your Google Cloud Project or a managed Google Cloud Project. The only people who have access are the people you add.

We don’t look at, aggregate, anonymize, share or sell your data to anyone. Period.

count of top 5 queries

Enrich your content

Identify high-value subfolders, pages, queries, keyword expansion opportunities and keyword cannibalization at scale.

Millions of rows of search data

Explorer pulls in up to 50k rows of google search console query data per day smashing GSC’s 1,000-row limit, allowing you to uncover revenue-driving insights you can’t see elsewhere.

enrich SEO content with Explorer
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Stay on top of trends

Get ahead of competition and stay relevant by easily monitoring aggregate trends for pages, queries, POP, YOY and aligned by day of the week. Boom.

Save valuable time

Sick of slow native data studio connectors? Because we use Google BigQuery as a data source, you’ll get to insights faster and get more work done with Explorer.

no more waiting for slow data.
customizable query classification for top, middle, bottom the funnel.

Customizable Query Classification

Customize how you see your data low, mid and high-funnel to track the queries that matter to you.

Position bucketing

You’ll love being able to segment your data by position to easily identify low hanging fruit search queries.

explorer position bucketing

Algorithm explorer

Perform deep forensic tech seo analysis by directory, page or query like you’ve been dreaming of.

We’ve partnered with Marie Haynes Consulting to show how announced and unannounced algorithm updates are impacting your website.

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    We offer both a self-onboarding option (free of charge) and a one-on-one personalized onboarding session with an Explorer expert ($150).

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    Pick your properties. $30/month for the first property, $20/month for each additional property. Your first 14 days are free.

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For me and my agency it's been totally game changing. If you're not using it, you're not doing SEO properly
jordan choo kogneta
Jordan Choo
Managing Partner @ Kogneta
I will scream it from the rooftops - this is a great product. I’ve been able to surface a bunch of keywords that I need to target to be able to improve click through rate and conversion for my clients. And I am implementing that across every client that I have.”
matt presnall perception builder
Matt Pressnall
Perception Builder