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Track session duration conversions in GA4

Tracking conversions based on session duration isn’t possible out-of-the-box with GA4. Use this JavaScript and Tag Manager solution to build a custom event.

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Marketing Resources

Digital Marketing Industry Updates: November 2023

In this month’s digital marketing updates, we ask: Is GA4 getting better? And is it GDPR compliant? Plus Google Ads’ ad auction from the anti-trust trial.

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Fall 2023 Bike Industry Search Demand Forecast

Learn how the fall shoulder season affects consumers’ interest in bikes and bike-related products, and what that means for the holiday season ahead.

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Marketing analytics is the backbone of digital marketing: uncover and organize data to find out more about audiences, evaluate the efficacy of efforts, identify opportunities for improvement, and inform an overall strategy. Explore our resources and tools to become a better data-driven marketer.

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GA4 Tutorials & Resources

Get up to speed with GA4 with our tutorials and articles. We include introductions, features, and how-tos to make GA4 work for you.

Page Value in GA4

GA4 doesn’t have a metric that is comparable to the Page Value metric from Universal Analytics. In this post, we will recreate the metric using GA4 data in Google BigQuery. Google

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Search Engine Optimization aims to help search engines and users better understand your website’s content, rank it accordingly, and drive traffic to it. SEO encompasses many processes, including technical fixes, user experience considerations, and content. Learn more about SEO by exploring our resources. 

Guide to SEO Topic Clusters

A pillar and cluster strategy is an SEO-driven approach to developing and organizing content. Find out how to implement it.

Understanding Search Intent

Search intent is the intention behind a Google search — why is the user searching? Find out more about the types of search intent and how to optimize for them.

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Paid Media

Targeted paid media drives awareness, website visitors, leads, and revenue. Find out more about search advertising, social media advertising, and more by exploring our resources.

Search Ad CTRs by Age

A college student asked, “Do young people click on search ads?” We analyze the likelihood of clicking on ads by age.

Make the Most of Your Google Grant Keywords

Recent Changes to Google Grants If you’re already a Google Grant recipient, chances are you’ve noticed some changes in your grant account in the past year. One of the most

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Marketing Resources

We’re always happy to share advice, research, and tools that can help your business grow. Check out our latest resources.

Bike Search Trends Summer Review

How did bike industry search demand for the 2023 spring and summer seasons compare to 2022? We review trends across several areas of the industry.

Business for good

Running a better business means moving away from the status quo. Two Octobers is a certified B Corp™, which means we meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Here are some of the ways we work differently.

Celebrating Volunteer Month

Two Octobers employees got out of the office in March, following their passions to make their communities better.

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Two Octobers Wins Workforce Award

Two Octobers has won the Transformer award from Denver Workforce Services for our digital marketing registered apprenticeship program.

Mozcon 2021: Google Search Console Data, unleashed

SEOs are sitting on a treasure trove of keyword data in Google Search Console (GSC), but Google’s lackluster interface makes it hard to get any value out of it. At MozCon Virtual 2021, Two Octobers’ Product Director Noah Learner spoke about how the GSC API can unlock game-changing insights into SEO. The API contains millions

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