Mozcon 2021: Google Search Console Data, unleashed

SEOs are sitting on a treasure trove of keyword data in Google Search Console (GSC), but Google’s lackluster interface makes it hard to get any value out of it.

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At MozCon Virtual 2021, Two Octobers’ Product Director Noah Learner spoke about how the GSC API can unlock game-changing insights into SEO. The API contains millions of rows of keyword, URL, and ranking data, all waiting to be unleashed. He outlines a process for extracting the data from the API into a database, like Google’s Big Query, and building reports to visualize and analyze the data with Google Data Studio.

Two Octobers has been exploring this rich source of data and insights with our proprietary tool, soon to be available to the public. Check out our Two Octobers Explorer for Search product page, or see Noah walk through what you can derive from all that data in his Two Octobers’ recorded workshop, “Understanding the Depths of Consumer Intent.”

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