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A good dashboard brings together disparate information into a solid whole, one that tells the story of where your marketing program is working, where it’s falling down, and where to investigate deeper. But it’s often hard to achieve this promise. From knowing what KPIs to include, to pulling data automatically, to making it look good, dashboard creation is harder than it looks.

At Two Octobers, we build meaningful dashboards to support digital marketing decision making, and teach you to use it to make your business grow and thrive.

  • Dashboard Creation. A meaningful dashboard starts with understanding how the business will use it to make decisions. We build from there to understand your sources of digital marketing data and bring them together into a beautiful Google Data Studio dashboard. Automated data fetching ensures the dashboard is always up to date.
  • Customized Coaching. One of our most impactful services pairs dashboard creation with one-on-one coaching about how to use the data it shows to make business and marketing decisions. Learn more.

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Know what's working

Post-COVID investments can be tricky if sales have been down for a while. With a dashboard that integrated website, ads, SEO, and CRM data, we were able to demonstrate to a client what was working and where the business opportunity was in marketing.

Understand granular metrics

A multi-location business spread its digital marketing spend evenly across all its locations. Our location-specific SEO & SEM dashboard helped them identify store locations that performed better & worse, and optimize spend & effort to where it was needed most.

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