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Track session duration conversions in GA4

Tracking conversions based on session duration isn’t possible out-of-the-box with GA4. Use this JavaScript and Tag Manager solution to build a custom event.

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Digital Marketing Industry Updates: November 2023

In this month’s digital marketing updates, we ask: Is GA4 getting better? And is it GDPR compliant? Plus Google Ads’ ad auction from the anti-trust trial.

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Fall 2023 Bike Industry Search Demand Forecast

Learn how the fall shoulder season affects consumers’ interest in bikes and bike-related products, and what that means for the holiday season ahead.

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Bike Search Trends Summer Review

How did bike industry search demand for the 2023 spring and summer seasons compare to 2022? We review trends across several areas of the industry.

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Page Value in GA4

GA4 doesn’t have a metric that is comparable to the Page Value metric from Universal Analytics. In this post, we will recreate the metric using GA4 data in Google BigQuery. Google


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