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How to Filter Bot Traffic from GA4

You’ve identified bot traffic in your GA4 property. Now, take the steps to filter that traffic from hitting your GA4 in the future.

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How to Identify Bot Traffic in GA4

The first step in removing bot traffic from GA4 is identifying its characteristics. Use these reports & dimensions for diagnosis & taking action.

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Hunting for Bots

Bot traffic in GA4 is really frustrating. Our Head of Analytics Nico Brooks takes us through the arduous effort of identifying & excluding bot traffic.

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Digital Marketing Updates: May 2023

Welcome to May! We highlight key digital marketing updates over the past month across analytics, SEO, and paid media.

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GA4 Custom Insights

Custom Insights in GA4 is great for monitoring & alerting on important metrics for changes. Learn how to use it, including examples of what to track.

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Digital Marketing Updates: April 2024

Happy April! We review key digital marketing updates in the month of March, including renaming Conversions in GA4 and Google’s anti-spam update.

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Digital Marketing Updates: March 2024

We highlight spam in GA4, new carousel rich snippets in Google search results, and advertising product updates in Google, Meta, and Pinterest.

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Digital Marketing Updates: February 2024

Two Octobers’s team shares what you need to know regarding the deletion of UA data, consent & cookie tracking, and other updates from this month.

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Digital Marketing Industry Updates: January 2024

Digital marketing updates from the past month: GA4-based audience targeting Ads, teen social media preferences, “open” ranks better for local businesses.


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