You’re Invited! New webinar series: Mastering Keyword Research With GSC


Have you ever heard the phrase “The best place to hide a dead body is on the 2nd page of Google”? We didn’t drop this SEO truth, it’s Dharmesh Shah’s claim to fame from 2017.  And it’s still quite true. The struggle is real for many SEOs and content marketers. How do we reach the ever-elusive first page to ensure our brand, product, or service is seen when it seems like we’ve tried everything humanly possible? The data in front of you may seem tired and beyond repair but fret no more.

In our Google Search Console (GSC) targeted series of webinars, we are going to help you master keyword research and keep you off of page 2. We are going to show you how you can revitalize the same tried and true data that you’ve been looking at over and over again, without having to tear your hair out. . Especially when you need to demonstrate a quick improvement and aren’t sure where it’s going to come from.

We will show you the behind-the-scenes improvements you can make using Google Search Console, Two Octobers Explorer, and other tools to drive quick SEO wins. We may even have the best free keyword research tool for you. You’ll never know until you join us and the best part is that all the webinars in this series are totally free.

Who is the series for?

It’s for SEO professionals and content marketers who are data-fluent, data-hungry, eager to learn, and curious! It helps if you already know how to use Google Search Console. We originally developed this series for ourselves, because we are also SEOs and content marketers. We share the same struggles, challenges and pressures of people asking “How can we rank better than this?” So, we thought, why not share our keyword research tips with you? And we can show you how to do keyword research for free, too.

What will the series include?

The series will cover topics to help you identify new ways to improve your rank, course correct traffic drops, find quick wins to improve CTR and to see your data in a whole new light. You’ll learn practical things that you can do right after each webinar to strengthen your marketing.


From quick wins to ecomm revenue drivers, we’ve got you covered. Check out the wide-ranging, power line up of topics below:

  • 10 Low-Hanging Fruit SEO Opportunities: Chances are, you’ve got a few pages that are lingering on the edge of greatness. They’re sitting just out of page-one ranking, just missing the significant traffic increase that comes from making it onto page one. How do you find these rough gems, and what polishing will get them over the hump? And yes, you can use Google Search Console for your keyword research.
  • SEO Keywords for Ecomm Revenue: Searchers tell us when they want to buy. Learn how to create an SEO strategy based around low-funnel keywords that not only generates traffic, but on-site revenue. This will help you find out how to find SEO keywords that matter most to your business.
  • Using Questions in SEO: The questions users ask search engines are useful peaks into searchers’ mindsets and a terrific source of new content for your webpages. Learn how to find questions and craft them into quality, SEO-rich content.
  • Eliminate Keyword Cannibalization: When multiple pages on your website rank for the same keyword, they’re competing against each other. Neither page has the authority, click through rate, or ranking just one strong page would. Learn about how to spot these problem areas, and what to do about them.

We recommend that you attend as many as you can for full benefit, but you also have the option to pick and choose what topics are of most interest to you. 

Don’t miss out on this series – we’re giving you the keys to the castle. A beautiful, perfectly optimized SEO castle that ranks on Page 1. #nodeadbodies

We will also give away one free SEO tool that you are probably not using right now.

Attend and get a free TO tool!

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