Using Questions in SEO

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The questions users ask search engines are useful peaks into searchers’ mindsets and a terrific source of new content for your web pages. Learn how to find questions and craft them into quality, SEO-rich content.

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Date: April 21
Who: Yasmin (Davila) Burgess

Category: SEO & Content Training 

About the Series: Using Google Search Console in SEO

Need a shot in the arm when you’ve been working on your campaigns and have data fatigue or…your internal/external clients are expecting a quick improvement and you’re not sure where exactly it will come from?
Our series will help you identify new ways to improve rank, address traffic drops, areas to improve CTR and see your data in a whole new light. You’ll learn practical things that you can do right after the webinar to strengthen your marketing.

Don’t miss out on this series – we’re giving you the keys to the castle. 


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