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Marketing Agency Two Octobers Confirms their Data-driven Expertise with the Launch of Branch Tools – a Provider of Deeply Analytical Marketing Products


Their Tool, Branch Explorer, is regarded as the most powerful SEO tool for leveraging Google Search Console data.


Denver, CO, August 19, 2022 – Digital Marketing agency and B Corporation Two Octobers sets itself apart by offering the deeply strategic approach necessary to drive serious growth for value-driven companies. Officially announced at MozCon, the launch of their new brand, Branch Tools, is a testament to this reputation, giving digital marketing experts the tools they need to take their business and careers to the next level. 

Our team's innovative and analytical approach has allowed us to glean insights and bring unmatched success to our clients for years. We are thrilled to be in a place where we can share the tools and approaches that have made this possible with the launch of Branch Tools.

Branch Tools’ most notable product, Branch Explorer, is making waves in the SEO world with its ability to drive new insights from Google Search Console data. Explorer is perfect for digital marketers who specialize in SEO and content marketing and want to dive deeper into relevant search data (up to 20x the data of other tools) to identify key content and keyword expansion opportunities. 

Branch Explorer key features:


  • See more data. Explorer pulls up to 50k rows of GSC query data per day, allowing you to uncover revenue-driving insights you can’t see elsewhere. 
  • Stay on top of trends. Get ahead of competition and stay relevant by easily monitoring aggregate trends in ranking and topic visibility. 
  • Your data stays private. We don’t look at, aggregate, anonymize, share or sell your data to anyone. Period.
  • Custom query classification. Track queries that matter most to you by customizing your data by low, mid and high-funnel root terms. 
  • Save time. Sick of slow native data studio connectors? With Google BigQuery as a data source, you’ll unearth insights faster and get more done. 
  • Enrich your content. Identify high-value subfolders, pages, queries, keyword expansion opportunities and cannibalization. 

Branch Explorer is now easier to try than ever before. The company is offering a free 14-day trial. Sign up today.

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