Case Study: In-Store Results from Online Marketing

Dynamic Attribution Strategy Drives Tremendous Growth for Appliance Retailer

The Challenge

A family-owned appliance retailer, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, was missing out on sales due to marketing goliaths, like Best Buy, crowding out smaller, niche retailers. Traditional in-store marketing was no longer effective and the company needed to evolve its marketing. Prospective customers were unaware of the better pricing and deep range of products available. It was key for the retailer to position themselves as a leader of high-end appliances and to reach discerning buyers.

The retailer wanted to increase sales and in-store traffic. Their e-commerce site was not driving sales and they did not have visibility into whether or not their digital budget was driving offline transactions.

Two Octobers’ consumer-driven, data-led approach helped them identify customers currently in the market for high-end appliance products and created highly targeted campaigns that consistently exceeded the client’s business goals.


5x increase in offline revenue
122% increase in store visits year over year
47% increase in return on ad spend

The Strategy

Online-to-offline attribution was key to success. True client collaboration enabled Two Octobers to leverage POS data, evaluate store visit conversions, leverage offline data into online shopping campaigns, build the client custom tools, and emphasize top appliance brands which conveyed a high-end range to buyers.