Molly Mutt Case Study


Molly Mutt is a business selling sustainable, DIY dog bed kits, which include washable covers for crates, beds, and cars. With a year of stagnant growth in organic traffic and conversions, the Molly Mutt team invested in SEO services from Two Octobers to improve their organic search presence.

What We Did

After conducting a series of technical SEO audits, the Two Octobers team worked with the Molly Mutt team to implement a few key improvements that had immediate impact on organic traffic and conversions. In collaboration with the Molly Mutt team, we:

  • Migrated their site to https from http, which provides a secure online experience for users and establishes more trust with search engines.
  • Addressed a number of issues that were impacting site speed performance.
  • Added canonical tags to about 50% of pages to prevent duplicate content issues for product and category pages.

Once these technical fixes were implemented, we then conducted keyword research and implemented on-page optimization improvements including updated titles and meta descriptions, to increase organic click through based on how prospective customers search online for these products.


The red arrow indicates where Molly Mutt’s desktop organic traffic was at the beginning of their SEO engagement. After implementing all of these changes, organic sessions to the Molly Mutt website increased 22% year over year.