Case Study: Bookings Growth for a Boutique Hotel

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Boutique Hotel

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21% bookings increase

20% decrease in cost per booking

In the competitive market of destination hotels, booking rates go up and down. You always have to be searching for new tactics to give you an edge.

The Challenge

A group of four destination hotels in Mexico had stellar customer ratings. But travel is a fickle business, and in 2015, bookings began to decline–just as their newest hotel in a remote location started up.

Two Octobers Approach

While our client’s in-market marketing managers focused on social media and website content, we dug deep into the data. An extensive profile of website visitors segmented by country and demographics helped us identify trends in interest which resulted in better ad targeting and creative. Since hotel guests don’t often book on their first visit to the website, we researched usage indicators that would help us differentiate between casual lookers and those more likely to eventually transact, and target more visitors like those. As with all our paid media campaigns, we adopted a test-and-learn approach, testing each insight and hypothesis to continually improve campaign results.


Year over year, bookings increased for the four existing hotels, while the cost-per-booking for the newest hotel dropped in half. Since Two Octobers website traffic strategies consistently fill rooms at the established hotels, the client is able to focus on improving the on-site experience, positioning, and overall marketing of their properties. The quality and depth of the client-vendor relationship has allowed this hotel group to compete against much larger competitors across the Caribbean and succeed.

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