Kris Skavish, co-founder at Two Octobers

Kris Skavish


In her career, Kris has always found herself in start-ups working in jobs somewhere between technology and people: from interactive multimedia to desktop software to local search, from designing on-screen interactions to product management. Maybe building Two Octobers was as inevitable as the entrepreneurship running through her veins (her parents built several successful small businesses). At Two Octobers, Kris runs operations with aplomb, and is the person to turn to for killer spreadsheet formulas, root-problem analysis, and sticky wickets of all kinds. Kris loves learning about different types of businesses and quickly narrows in on the best ways digital marketing can help them grow.



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5 Tools to Run a People-Centric Agency

Employees and the work they do are everything to our success. So building a strong team, keeping them challenged and engaged, and empowering people to make good decisions is critical. Over the years, we’ve developed a few practices that enhance our culture and promote these values.

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How Consumers View Retail Price Image: Implications for Digital Marketing

Price-conscious shoppers are a popular target for marketers, but there’s a lot beyond deals and coupons that influence consumer perception of a business’s pricing. Using these more subtle factors can be a valuable tool for crafting effective marketing copy.

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Six Ways to Identify Poor PPC Campaign Management

When you have a third-party or employee manage your campaign, how can you know if it’s being managed effectively? While results—purchases, leads, and traffic—are certainly the most important measure, there are a few other indication that a campaign is not being managed effectively.

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Data, Data Everywhere–But How to Stop and Think?

We're surrounded by data upon more data, but it needs the insights that come from looking at data with context. We provide tips for contextualizing data.

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Three Trends to Watch in Digital Marketing

1. Machine learning's influence on automated management of paid digital advertising.
2. Realization that the customer journey isn't a straight line, and how to apply that to marketing campaigns.
3. The growing influence of voice search on consumer purchase behavior.