Building a Custom Multi-location Strategy to Support 78% YoY Growth

Two Octobers established a campaign strategy to manage budgets across 57 locations

At the Beach Tanning saw a 78% increase in client growth YoY

How a multi-location marketing strategy fueled At The Beach Tanning's growth

At the Beach Tanning was growing quickly, expanding into 50+ locations across the U.S. But there was one thing preventing them from reaching their growth potential: a killer multi-location digital marketing strategy, execution plan and promotional management system. By working with Two Octobers, At the Beach Tanning increased new client growth and created a campaign structure that drove promotional success across every location.

"Working with Two Octobers gave us the competitive edge we needed to fuel our expansion and increase new client growth by 78% YoY. We are now able to confidently manage marketing initiatives across all locations in a simple and effective way."

The challenge: the need to drive and manage growth

Similar to many scale-ups, At the Beach Tanning wanted to drive new clients to their stores but didn’t have a solid way of measuring what marketing initiatives were working. The company was in demand, and while they had a good foundation of Google and Facebook ads, they were lacking a powerful digital marketing strategy that would fuel their pipeline and take business to the next level.

Our Approach: Deep Analysis, Tech Integrations and Testing

We started with an analysis of At the Beach’s current digital structure to identify the best campaigns and platforms that would drive the growth, efficiency and management they were looking for. We then put these ideas to the test, trying out newer campaign types and ultimately finding that Google Local and Performance Max campaigns were the best fit for them.

We also understood the importance of providing data to their team in a way that fit their business needs in a competitive market. We began creating a customized reporting dashboard to give each location and stakeholder a custom view of what was most important to them – quickly. This would enable At the Beach to make real-time decisions to improve sales, efficiency and streamline operations. All resulting in less friction and happier teams and clients.

The solution: A Custom Multi-location Strategy for Pipeline Growth

Our multi-location strategy and PPC services have delivered amazing results for At the Beach, who saw a 45% client growth increase in February 2022 vs. February 2021, and a 78% increase in March 2022 vs. March 2021. In addition, we paired paid media campaigns with technical SEO, driving more organic traffic to their site while also offering site experience and content recommendations.

To assist with growth, we established a new campaign strategy to seamlessly add new monthly promotions and effectively manage budgets across 57 retail locations, maximizing their performance. This uniform approach saves At the Beach Tanning significant time and cost in their marketing efforts.

At the Beach Today: Keeping the Momentum

At the Beach Tanning is living proof that with the right digital marketing strategy, you can grow your business, keep teams happy and retain customers. The strong marketing program undoubtedly was a strong foundation for the sale of At the Beach Tanning to national leader Palm Beach Tan. We are thrilled to be a part of their combined story.

We can do the same for your multi-location business. Contact us today.

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