A Case Study of Cost per Acquisition Reduction

efficiency plays a key role in every aspect of a company

Holland Partner Group hired Two Octobers to manage their digital campaigns because of two main problems: 1) Too many unoccupied units and 2) the cost to acquire new tenants was not efficient nor effective. A large portion of Holland’s marketing budget was being wasted. Two Octobers was retained to drive efficiency, set up meaningful reporting, rapidly increase multi-location visibility and expand the strategy beyond low-funnel tactics. Our strategy was to target and retarget prospects along the customer journey, using engagement as a feedback metric to continuously improve targeting and results. Tactics included:
  • Testing high-funnel tactics like social and display
  • Cross-property remarketing
  • Using remarketing lists for search to stay in front of prospects throughout the research process
  • Continuous audience testing and expansion based on engagement
We were able to scale this approach across dozens of markets by creating a well-defined, repeatable process, augmented by automation wherever possible.

our client

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Holland partner group is a real estate investment company with offices in northern and southern California, Vancouver, Seattle, and of course, Denver.

our results

Two Octobers was able to:
  • Drive down CPAs by 43%
  • Increase consistency in site traffic
  • Increase lead volume without increasing budget
  • Improve search presence due to more comprehensive keyword coverage
  • Improve visibility throughout the sales funnel
Bottom line: Two Octobers drove a large performance change in Holland’s business, made their marketing dollars work harder, and increased Holland’s presence and occupancy in competitive markets.
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