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SPC needed a partner to help bring their customers into the digital age with marketing.

As a long-time IT and infrastructure provider to banks and credit unions, SPC saw an opportunity to help bring their customers into the digital age with marketing. They developed a new service division, SPC Marketing, to deliver digital marketing to financial institutions. But shifting a 60-year old business to deliver new technology doesn’t happen overnight. So they needed a partner that could help them seemlessly deliver new marketing tactics and help them rapidly grow revenue in this new division. TO developed a white-label partnership with SPC‘s in-house marketing directors. We support new business proposals and execute projects, all under SPC‘s name. We developed packages of digital marketing tactics specifically for their small- and medium-sized bank customers that include search engine marketing, social media management, search engine optimization, and email marketing. Traditional bank marketing managers now have a new set of tools to compete against big banks, and attract new customers with their modern marketing mix.

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SPC provides everything from physical security systems to advanced IT solutions to digital marketing for banking and financial institutions.

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The partnership has led to booming growth for both companies. SPC’s marketing division saw revenue growth of 300% in first year. The new service offerings opened up the ability to sell into a new arm of the financial services industry, insurance, and generated half a dozen new customers in the first year. And it allowed them to reach into their extensive client list and add services for another half dozen existing customers, by showing them that SPC continues to be the leader to follow in the technology and internet space for banking.



The experts at Two Octobers are an integral part of our team, and they deliver the highest level of service to SPC and our clients. I would recommend them to any company looking for a trusted digital marketing partner that truly “knows their stuff” and continues to raise the bar. – Stephanie Carlson, Director of Client Management, SPC Companies
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