Certifications at Two Octobers

the digital world is always changing

We are very proud of the work we do, but we also recognize that today’s best practices are tomorrow’s old hat. Being great at digital marketing requires constant learning. To keep on keeping up, we developed our own certification program for each of our core practices.

We have several levels of certification, and everyone is engaged in teaching and learning, all of the time. We share knowledge and ideas through an internal wiki, workshops, lunch and learns, goal groups, and one-on-one mentoring.

We appreciate expertise at Two Octobers, but teaching is what we value most. The highest level of certification a person can attain is to become an SME (subject matter expert). You may be familiar with this term, but not necessarily in the way we use it. To us, it describes a person who works diligently to raise the level of knowledge in the organization. The path to becoming an SME requires innovation, thought leadership, and delivering results for clients. The final step is a survey of everyone on the team. Does this person proactively share knowledge? Is he/she approachable and always willing to help?

People who love to teach and learn thrive at Two Octobers, and that translates to more value for our clients and best practices that stay best

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