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Demographics data from Google Analytics can help show a more in-depth understanding of the users that are interested in your services or products. Breaking down your data into age, geography and gender can help you gain new insights into your users leading to better targeting, content, and overall business model.  

Often a company will develop a product or service with a specific demographic in mind then market it to this particular audience with great success. However, hidden consumers are often revealed at a later stage. Demographics data helps to show a wide overview of users assisting you in creating a more granular marketing campaign.

To use this tool you will need to create your own Google Analytics data source when you copy this dashboard. An instruction video for this can be found here.

What's included in the Demographics template

Device Reporting

Device reporting shows how users interact on a webpage helping you to design a more optimized user experience. This ensures that a website looks great on any device a potential customer will use.

Gender Reporting

Gender reporting gives insights into the type of consumer interested in your product and help you narrow ad targeting accordingly.

Age Reporting

Understanding the age demographics of those interested in your products will help you increase audience targeting leading to a smaller budget with a larger return.

Conversion Rate by DMA

Understanding your conversion rate from a Direct Marketing Area Standpoint (metro areas) standpoint is extremely valuable to creating more granular targeting. Knowing where consumers are making a purchase can help improve targeting and lower costs.

Conversion rate by gender & age

Combine both gender and age for more detailed data on the demographics converting. This data can be used to better targeting and maximize your media budget.

explainer video

Learn more about this template from one of our principals, Nico. This video will explain how to use this template while also providing an overview of audience targeting and its benefits. 

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