Ecommerce Metrics That Matter

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Not sure which metrics matter most in ecommerce? In this webinar, we prioritize the three most important metrics to follow for growing ecommerce revenue and talk about how adding profit can blow your business growth out of the water.

Ecommerce managers juggle lots of priorities, but having a few key metrics to focus on can help narrow in on the right efforts to reach business growth goals. We share our simple equation for success — the top metrics to monitor for growth.

Armed with those metrics, you’ll learn ways to analyze performance for each metric, including segmentation techniques to dig deeper and find areas of strength, opportunity, and potential waste. We’ll discuss strategies and tactics to use that improve the key metrics. And finally, how going a step beyond revenue generated to profit generated can uncover even more growth opportunities.

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Event Details

Date: February 16

Time: 11am MDT

Who: Kris Skavish



After this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the top 5 key metrics for ecommerce success.
  • Know how to use these metrics to guide & prioritize initiatives for improvement.
  • Know which tactics to use to move the dial for each metric.
  • Understand how adding profit to the mix can help you hone in on ways to unlock even more business growth.
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