A case study of website innovation

Breaking into a $136B Market with Two Octobers


What happens when designers for major retailers like JCPenney, Restoration Hardware, and Bed Bath & Beyond get together to create their own line? You get Sixpenny, an online-only furniture retailer.

Sixpenny hired Two Octobers in 2017 to help them break into the $136B home furnishing market. We needed to create a winning digital marketing strategy that would help them take a bite out of the market, but on a relatively small budget. This happens to be something we’re really good at. 

We started with a deep data analysis to get a lay of the land and to inform our digital strategy. These insights led us to recommend paid social, search, and SEO: social to drive awareness of Sixpenny and show off their beautiful products, search to capture attention for shoppers in market for a new piece, and SEO to ensure Sixpenny was discovered as an option.

Continuous testing ensured we were meeting the customer at the point of purchase with the right information, at the right time, and a frictionless purchase. In one analysis, we identified top performing products, purchaser demos, intent, and conversion from swatch ordering to purchase.  The more we tested, analyzed, and understood our audience from a data perspective, the better the conversion outcome for Sixpenny.

But we didn’t stop there – we got as granular as possible with the data to uncover more areas to optimize our campaigns and convert customers. We took highly detailed product page information such as fabrics, fillings, dimensions, and customer reviews to identify gaps in reaching the audience. A custom conversion map, developed through our proprietary technologies, helped to identify what geographies worked best for us, and quickly became a core part of our strategy.


our client

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Sixpenny sells home furnishings online to millions of customers. 

Sixpenny & Two Octobers were a good match from the start.

Sixpenny understands the need to place customer data at the center of their digital marketing; for example, they collect and analyze data from live chats, social channels, and on-site reviews. This open data exchange enabled Two Octobers to test, learn and identify what is needed to drive increased ROI without leaving a data point unturned. Opportunities to reach, convert and grow their customer base were plentiful.

Our work for Sixpenny has driven:

  • +87% increase in overall conversions
  • +190% increase in revenue 
  • +275% increase in conversions specifically from social media

How are they doing? They’re growing at 2.5X year over year, according to Forbes Magazine, and were featured on Good Morning America. We’re proud to be a part of their success in a competitive marketplace.

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