How to limit your bike ecommerce Catalog by category, brand + price.

The Problem

One of the most frustrating parts of managing a bike ecommerce catalog (especially during COVID-19) is setting it up to sell only the items that are profitable online.

Managing the catalog in this way is necessary for a host of reasons during COVID-19:

  • Demand for bike related products has experienced exponential growth.
  • Retailers have limited staffing.
  • Supply of most items is critically low.
  • Retailers have found that based on how they're set up, they can only afford to sell certain categories online.

Enter LimitScrew

limitscrew allows you to hide the Add-to-cart Button on your bike website for products by:

  • Brand
  • Parent Category
  • Sub Category
  • Sub Sub Category
  • Price
  • And you can set multiple sets of rules so that you can granulary control which items have an add to cart button

This is HUGE because it allows you to pick and choose the categories, and brands you've found that work for your bottom line!

While we believe that you should keep your entire catalog turned on because we think in aggregate you will make more money than if you limit the catalog, here's how to limit the catalog:

How LimitScrew works

LimitScrew is powered by your site's breadcrumb navigation scheme.

The tool allows you to restrict what products by the breadcrumb level, price comparisons and brand.

Let's look at an example to understand more.

breadcrumbs navigation example

In this breadcrumb example, Bikes is the parent, Road is the subcategory, Triathlon is the subsubcategory, and Diamondback is the brand.

LimitScrew explained

Set up to 4 rules to control which products you show to your users with the filters below.

level (required)

parent: In the above example the parent level is the "Bikes" position

subcategory: In the above example the subcategory level is the "Road" position

subsubcategory: In the above example the parent level is "Traithlon" position

level name (required)

The name is the word that you want to keep at the breadcrumb level you define. It is case sensitive! So if we want to only keep the Bikes Parent Category, we'd enter: Bikes

comparison (optional)

Acceptable value: Above or Below.

Choose ABOVE to only show items above a certain price

Choose BELOW to only show items below a certain price

price (optional)

Choose a price that you will be comparing against. Optional

brands (optional)

One or more brands that you want to make available for purchase. Optional

Multiple Rules

We set LimitScrew up to allow you to set up to 4 different conditions

Configuration Steps

  1. Set up "Not available for purchase" Message by entering your shop's number for user's to get more information. (This information is not stored, tracked, or shared in any way.)

    Helpful display message

  2. Set up the filters for which products can have an Add-to Cart button:

    Rule 1 (you can add up to 4)

  3. Copy the code

  4. Install the code on your site

    1. Log into the back end of your website.
    2. Go to Marketing > Custom Tags.
    3. Click the plus symbol next to advanced settings.
    4. Paste the code you copied above into the textarea labeled "Place Script Just Inside Closing Body Tag."
    5. Hit Save.
    6. Clear the cache.