Declining Traffic, Rankings & Conversions: How to Solve the Top 3 SEO Problems

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Seeing a drop in traffic is always concerning, and figuring out what is causing that drop along with how to fix it can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Join Yasmin Burgess, Head of Content, to learn top SEO techniques for solving specific problems and improving your traffic and ranking.

With the ever-changing search landscape, declines in traffic, rank and/or conversions are something that organizations across the board face with regularity. Identifying the cause of these declines and how to best address them amidst a sea of data and possible solutions can be extremely daunting. 

In this session we break down 3 of the top SEO problems that companies face, why they occur, and what SEO tactics you should prioritize as first action steps in addressing these issues. We also offer some proactive tips on monitoring KPIs to avoid future problems.

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Event Details

Date: September 29

Time: 11am MDT

Who: Yasmin Burgess



After this workshop, you will:

  • Have a solid understanding of 3 common SEO problems and why they occur.
  • Know which tactics are the most effective when addressing declining traffic, rank and conversion.
  • Understand what it takes to proactively monitor KPIs so that you stay abreast of things before they become problems.
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