transforming a small outdoor retailer into an industry leader

Two Octobers identified $30,000 in wasted ad spend

our team has over 20 years of experience in outdoor retail

How a data-driven digital marketing strategy grew a company's online revenue from $45k to $7 million

Outdoor retail is a booming industry with a lot of competition. With so many brands competing for a digital presence, making a mark on the landscape can seem futile. That’s why hiring subject-matter experts is so important to an outdoor industry’s marketing strategy. Our team’s 20+ years of outdoor retail knowledge and world-class digital marketing skills turned a multi-location shop into one of the top outdoor retailers in the country.

The challenge: growing revenue in a highly competitive industry

The challenge was one every brand can relate to: increase revenue. And achieving that growth online is especially challenging when it comes to outdoor retail – largely due to the amount of competing content and how users search for products.

Initially this company came to Two Octobers looking for help with simple website maintenance, they didn’t have a serious digital marketing strategy in place. In addition to website maintenance, Two Octobers was able to identify opportunities in data that would help organic search rank and sell more products. When just one hour/month of service led to revenue growth, the company quickly realized the impact of this investment and added additional services to their strategy.

A results-driven, analytical approach

A lot of marketers make the mistake of focusing on how a website looks vs. how it performs. At Two Octobers, we’re focused on the bottom line – what will get you more traffic and make you more money. Our deeply analytical approach paired with our tried-and-true formula for online revenue growth are the main reasons for this client’s (and many other client’s) success.

The formula we call “the backbone of our success” is fairly simple: revenue = traffic x conversion rate x average order value. By plugging in this information, we are able to look at each piece of the formula individually to see how we can optimize each one. A big part of the success of this program has been the team’s collaboration. By fine tuning pricing strategy and improving conversion rates through free shipping, satisfaction guaranteed and other tactics, client and Two Octobers together have been able to deliver a holistic approach for lasting success and growth.

A customized and innovative solution

With an expanded services engagement, we drove consistent growth by developing a data-driven strategy for improving results from organic and paid search. In the client’s Google Ads account, our agency identified around $30,000 in wasted ad spend over the previous year and shifted that strategy to drive revenue. We also developed the company’s topic authority around the mountain bike space and were able to significantly improve the brand’s organic keyword ranking for high-volume, high-revenue search terms.

Our team’s ability to collaborate and ideate to create custom solutions allowed this brand to compete in ways their competition couldn’t. By consistently pushing the boundaries and looking for unexpected solutions, our team built CRO (conversion rate optimization) tools to drive more conversions. One of these tools was the first cart-abandonment recovery tool for the bike industry which by itself has grown revenues up to 10%.

the result: small shop to industry leader

After working with Two Octobers, this brand’s online revenue grew to $7 million in 2021 compared to $45k in 2015. What started as a small company is now an industry leader in its space.

We are thrilled to have played such a big part in this company’s growth. Our deep knowledge in the outdoor industry, combined with our out-of-the-box thinking, analytical expertise and data-driven approach has allowed us to identify opportunities and solve difficult problems where other agencies fall short. If you are looking to achieve serious online growth, get in touch with us today.

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