Using the Power of Data to Understand Your Customer and Inform Product Strategy

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Analytics are an extremely powerful and often underutilized tool when it comes to understanding customers. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to leverage organic search query data to better reach your audience and guide business decisions.

When a person enters a query in a search box, they are providing an unfiltered view of their wants and needs. Search query data is a goldmine for marketers – for people who do SEO and paid search advertising, but more broadly for anyone involved in business and product planning. 

What problems are your customers trying to solve? What features do they care about most? How do they think about you in relation to competitors? The answer to these questions and so many more are hidden in the vast troves of search data that you have access to right now.

In this webinar, we will review the tools and techniques you can use to explore this data and step through several hands-on examples you can use to reveal insights about your customers and uncover new business opportunities.

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Event Details

Date: November 17

Time: 11am MDT

Who: Nico Brooks



  • Learn about low-cost tools that will help you access and explore search query data at scale.
  • Turn thousands of rows of query data into a prioritized list of your customer’s needs.
  • See the mindshare you own in relation to your competitors.
  • Validate your product roadmap against consumer demand.